access group gmbh is a medium-sized company located in Constance, which is specialized in the development and installation of fall protection systems. Since our foundation in 2002 we have made it our aim to offer the best possible services to our customers and to provide them with suitable safety system for their needs.

For a long time, fall protection systems have no longer been a voluntary safety measure, but are now required by law. Already from a height of 2 meters workers must be provided with suitable fall protection or restraint systems.


We offer a wide range of security systems that can be installed to every roof or building. According to our motto “There is no problem we cannot solve”, we will find the perfect solution to every roof construction. Neither does it matter whether fall protection systems are needed for horizontal, vertical or inclined areas, nor if they are needed for temporary or permanent use. We will find a creative solution, even for special cases!

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For more than fifteen years we have been optimizing our product range, in order to guarantee the highest possible safety standards to our customers. As supplement to our own safety systems, we have expanded our product range with several products of other well-known companies. Our partners are also internationally recognized experts in the field of fall protection. These collaborations bring us additional important know-how and the required experience needed to design our safety systems even more effectively and to guarantee the highest possible safety standards.


Due to the fact that we place our customers’ satisfaction above all other things, we are not just there for you with our extensive services during the installation of your safety systems, but also before and afterwards. Together with our customers we plan projects in advance and examine which system suits best for everyone’s individual needs, carrying out a risk assessment.

Even after having finished the installation, our well-trained and experienced team will still carry out regular inspections and maintenance of your equipment.

We additionally offer training courses for our customers, that aim to make the subject more clear to them and enable independent installation works and therefore guarantee the correct use of our products.


Our fall protection systems have a variety of applications and can be adapted to all possible needs. Our systems therefore find use in a lot of different construction areas. The Olympic stadium in Berlin, the Airport Center in Munich (MAC) and the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Stuttgart, amongst other buildings, have been equipped with access group gmbh safety systems. For more details, see references.

It is our task to ensure people’s security. Quality and reliability therefore play a major role in our company. All of our products are certified according to the latest security standards and are tested regularly. It goes without saying that our whole product range meets the EU-wide security standards.

Your safety is our highest priority!

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