Special Railings

We do also have the perfect solution for you if more complex environments need to be secured. Our Special Railings are made out of highly robust material that is even more resistant. The maintenance costs are very low as the material will not rust. Moreover, it is highly resistant to most chemicals. So, in case of more difficult environmental conditions the hard-wearing material of the guardrail systems make them the perfect solution for securing endangered areas.

The special railings find a use in a lot of different fields of application: in chemical factories, in marine and offshore applications or at water treatment. They secure their users even if extreme external influences such as chemicals, heat or cold are present.

The guardrail systems only have a low electrical conductivity which enables an installation in areas where electric current flows, which is the case near electrical plants or railway systems.

Moreover, they only have a low thermal conductivity, which means that even in case of extreme temperature the guardrail system will not get too hot or too cold. For a certain amount of time it is even resistant to fire.

So generally speaking, the special guardrail system is perfectly suitable for all sorts of areas where extreme environmental conditions prevail. Thanks to its easy assembly the special railings are nevertheless easy to handle and with help of tubular fittings they can be adjusted flexibly.

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