Easyguard is a freestanding guardrail system from Interclamp, which is particularly suitable for the safeguarding of flat roofs.

It is as well suitable for the designation of paths and access routes. Easyguard can be assembled in reverse for unobstructed walkways.

Thanks to its different modules, Easyguard can be adjusted easily to any conditions. Moreover, it can be installed to a lot of different surfaces.

Even the height of the guardrail system can be adjusted manually without any problems.

The base plates serve as counterweights and are made out of stainless steel and weigh 19 kg each. The system is flat footed and therefore provides minimal trip hazard – a factor that ensures a safe workplace. Furthermore, the non-penetrative base plates enable a stable installation of the system.

The guardrail system is slightly inclined inwards, which improves the safety standards of the system. The fact that the system is inclined inwards causes the effect that the guardrail system is hardly or not at all seen from the ground. So the aesthetical appearance of a building will not be spoiled.

The installation of an Easyguard guardrail system is not complicated at all and can be done quickly. The transport of the individual components and the assembly of the guardrail system itself will not cause any problems.

All components of the Easyguard system are made out of hot-dip galvanized steel, which is highly persistent to corrosion. This ensures the longevity and stability of the system. It goes without saying that the guardrail system complies to the standards DIN EN ISO 14122-3 and DIN EN 13374.

Short Profile:

Material:Hot-dip galvanized steel
Certificate:Declaration of conformity according
to EN ISO 14122-3 and EN 13374
Span:max. 2 mArea of application:Flat roofs
Tube diameter:48,3 mmAssembly type:Non-penetrative
Usage:Permanent securingWeight:19 kg per base plate


Produktbroschüre Easyguard
Declaration of conformity EN ISO 14122-3

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