Fastening Elements for Steel Constructions

Fastening elements for steel constructions are part of our product range even if they are not explicitly fall protection systems. The different fastening modules are perfectly suitable for installing any construction to a steel base. With help of these kind of fastening elements, diverse fall protection systems such as walkway systems or anchorage systems can be fixed.

In comparison to conventional installation methods, our innovative concepts are considerably easier and more practical to handle. Moreover, you will save time and money during the installation. Our fastening elements even stick out when it comes to their outer appearance: They aren’t very prominent and enable a flexible usage, while leaving the aesthetics of a building intact.

Two different fastening systems are part of our product range:


    Suitable for fixing additional components to already existing steel constructions (secondary steelwork constructions).


    Suitable for blind mountings to hollow profile constructions (primary steelwork constructions).


For more detailed information go to the product pages. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us any time.

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