Pedestrian Fencing Barriers

These guardrail systems are the perfect solution, if leading Pedestrian Fencing Barriers are asked for. The fields of application are nearly unlimited: They can be used to secure edges of bridges, viewing platforms or ships. Furthermore, access to other danger zones such as streets or level crossings can be prevented.

The direct delivery of pre-assembled posts enables a quick and uncomplicated installation of the system. Even the installation of longer barriers is not going to be a problem. Thanks to the plug-in system no welding or bending of components needs to be done on-site. The assembly with help of tubular fittings minimizes the whole planning- and production-time of your project.

So, the biggest advantages of the guardrail system are its stability and its versatility. The hot-dip galvanized version is even more stable. Therefore, any version of the guardrail system is a good solution to secure pedestrians effectively against possible sources of danger.

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