Domoguard is a freestanding fall protection system from Interclamp. It is perfectly suitable for the securing of roof hatches and skylights of all kinds that can be found on flat roofs. 

In order to protect workers on the roof from all sorts of dangers and accidents, the installation of a reliable fall protection system is absolutely necessary. Not only roof edges need to be secured, skylights and other glazed areas can also be a possible source of danger.

The smallest number of skylights can be walked-over. If people stepped on them, they would just break through. A properly installed fall protection system minimizes the risk of fall throughs.

In principle, Domoguard is a simple guardrail system that is being assembled around areas of danger – as a result it is freestanding. A retrofitting of the system is therefore always possible and parts of it can be used as supplementary devices for other fall protection systems. If required, it can be uninstalled repositioned whenever wished for. This enables a flexible and precise adjustment of the system.

Special feet enable a stable and non-penetrative fastening of the guardrail system. As these feet are very flat, they do not present a risk of tripping. Moreover, the insulated underside of the foot parts prevents the system from sinking in.

Thanks to the non-penetrative fastening of Domoguard the roof surface will stay intact. So no additional works at the roof need to be done and the risk of leaks does not exist.

All components of the guardrail system are made out of hot-dip galvanized steel and are therefore weatherproof. There are no determined standard sizes of the system.

In order to meet your requirements, the system will be delivered in the size you are asking for. The assembly of the system is not complicated at all and highly cost- and time-efficient.

So generally speaking, Domoguard is an outstanding solution for securing skylights of any kind, as it is going to fit perfectly to your individual requirements. All components can be combined with help of tubular fittings. This way the system is a reliable and easy-to-handle fall protection system for any number of people on a roof.

Short Profile

Material:Hot-dip galvanized steelCertificate:-
Span:Individually adjustableArea of application:Flat roofs
Tube diameter:48,3 mmAssembly type:Non-penetrative
Usage:Permanent & temporary securingWeight:13 kg


Produktbroschüre Domoguard

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