Ladders and Bridging Steps

All access routes to rooftops and any other working areas where the risk of falling exists need to be secured adequately. Our product range contains a great variety of Ladders and Bridging Steps. We are therefore able to offer professional climbing aids to you which can be used in nearly all fields of application.

It goes without saying that in this part of our product range, we as well attach great importance to the quality of our products. All systems are tested in great detail and certified according to the prevailing norms.

Even though there exists a large number of standard constructions for Ladders and Bridging Steps, we prefer to work with customized designs. Each building and every place of installation has its own specific requirements and therefore needs a made-to-measure solution. In order to adequately secure each project, an individual adjustment is necessary.

For this reason, the systems differ in form, length and used material. They are available in all possible variations and can be completed with any additional components – such as handrails, handles, doors, safety cages and platforms.

On request, lifeline systems or rail systems can be integrated to the ladders in order to prevent the user’s risk of falling. If ladders have already been installed before, it is still possible to install additional fall protection systems in retrospect.

Our product range contains a great variety of products for the equipment or rather safeguarding of the following areas:

  • Hoistway equipment
    e.g. Ladders, access aids, platforms etc.
  • Ascending solutions for building constructions
    e.g. Ladders, fastenings, bridging and exit steps, platforms etc.
  • Industrial buildings
    e.g. bridging steps, stairway ladders etc.
  • Individual bridging steps
    assembled of hot-dip galvanized tubular fittings

If you have any questions or need more detailed information, feel free to contact us!


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