Collective Fall Protection

As the name already suggests, safety systems from the field of collective fall protection are not individual, but general fall protection systems. In concrete terms that means that everyone who finds him- or herself in or near danger zones, is entirely secured – even if he or she does not have any special knowledge concerning the products, nor is wearing any safety gear.

The principle is quite simple: The systems prevent unauthorized access to danger areas and therefore the possibility of falling. For example, railings, roof walkway systems or safety nets can be used.

The big advantage of collective fall protection systems is that users can move freely and get close to the edge of danger areas without any additional safety gear. In this way any number of persons can be secured at the same time without additional instruction.

Due to the fact that collective fall protection can be applied easily, the social insurance against occupational  accidents enacted a law which stipulates its installation. According to law, danger areas must be secured in the first instance by means of collective fall protection. In case that this is not possible due to the surroundings or other factors, further precautionary measures must be installed, such as lifeline systems, deadweight anchor systems and anchorage points.

In principle, collective fall protection systems can be installed on practically any type of subsoil. They are especially suitable if the danger zone that needs to be secured is often entered by a lot of different people. As a result, staircases, bridges and regularly entered rooftops are typical locations where collective fall protection systems are installed.

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  • Non-drilling guardrail systems
  • Rooftop skylight guardrails
  • Safety railings
  • Ladders and climbing assistances
  • Roof walkway systems
  • Mounting elements for steel constructions
  • Safety nets
  • Freestanding warning lines

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