Safety Nets

Another alternative for collective fall protection systems are Safety Nets. They are able to prevent falls completely or at least protect from injuries.

They moreover protect people who are on the floor from falling objects.

The fields of application of safety nets are highly diverse. They can be used in numerous different areas: in the industry in order to save working places; to secure edges of facades, scaffolds, balustrades; during renovation works or even in shafts.

The fact that each safety net can be adjusted individually, is another aspect of their versatility. There exists no standard size – every single net is an individual made-to-measure solution. Our safety nets differ is form, size, color, mesh width and used material. This way they can be adjusted perfectly to every project.

When it comes to the usage of safety nets, the correct assembly plays an important role. Safety nets need to be fixed safely and stretched tightly in order to fully fulfill their protective function. The correct installation should be carried out by experienced, trained staff members.

Our product range contains various products of the Spanish manufacture El Leon de Oro.

You can choose between four different versions – either for a vertical or a horizontal use. It goes without saying that all versions are tested and certified according to EN 1263-1.

We offer two different product lines of safety nets:

  • Gold Line
    The nets are made of tearproof and recyclable polypropylene. This material is very light, it absorbs only a small amount of water and it doesn’t conduct electricity.
  • Classic Line
    The nets are made of normal tearproof polyamide and are processed with knots.

Find more details about the advantages of gold line, as well as a detailed overview of the four different net variations in our product brochure which you can download at the end of this page.

If you have any questions about the different nets or if you want to make an order, please contact us!


Produktbroschüre Sicherheitsnetze


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