Skylight Fall Protection Systems

In order to let daylight enter a building, a lot of roofs are equipped with skylights. Roof hatches or smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems can be found on a lot of rooftops as well. All these glazed areas are possible sources of danger for people who need to enter the roof. Most flat roofs are at the same time working areas, that need to be entered regularly for works such as maintenance tasks. Accidents during works like these might occur.

Next to falling from roof edges, falls through unsecured glazed areas are one of the most frequent causes for accidents. It happens quite often that people tend to overestimate the stability of skylights, which might be a fatal mistake as they cannot even be walked-over in most cases. Therefore, the risk of falling through necessarily needs to be eliminated by installing a protection system.

Installing a protection system to such endangered areas is not just reasonable, but also predicted by law.

There exist special guardrail systems that prevent the risk of falling through glazed areas and therefore ensure a secured workplace for contractors and maintenance crews. Our range of skylight fall protection systems contains a lot of different products for the permanent securing of endangered areas. The protection systems are available in a lot of different sizes and designs. As they are all non-penetrative, they can be installed without damaging the roof surface.

As the installation of our protection systems is done by connecting a great variety of individual modules, the systems are highly flexible. Moreover, the assembly can be done quickly and easily. For more detailed descriptions and further information concerning the different systems click the linked key terms below:

Additionally to our permanent securing systems we do also offer alternative solution systems that are perfectly suitable for a short-term use. Click here to find out more about the mobile securing of endangered areas.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions concerning our skylight protection systems or if you need further information about our products. We are pleased to give you advice!

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